dimanche 26 octobre 2008

The Kills

The Kills : Cheap and Cheerful @ L'Autre Canal, Nancy

Why did I choose to present The Kills on stage with a video of Cheap & Cheerful ? Because it is my favorite song, especially because of SebastiAn (from Ed Banger records) and his awesome remix !

The Kills are composed of two members : Jamie Hince, from Britain, who is Kate Moss' boyfriend (are they still together ?), and Alison Mosshart, from Florida. Both seem to embody the famous quote "sex, drugs & rock'n'roll" because of their music, of their looks and of their attitude on stage.

Here is Jamie Hince, the guitarist. He looks pretty good in his skinny jeans and his The Kills tshirt ! My boyfriend liked it so much he bought one after the concert !

The Kills play minimalist songs together with the aid of a drum machine. It was great to see them to play their music on their own, without any help or exterior interventions. Two guitars, a drum machine, the beautiful voice of Alison, and the show must go on !

Alison is a really trashy girl : ruffled hair, dirty clothes, she was smoking cigarettes in spite of the fact it was forbidden. Rebel and beautiful in her pink Cheap Monday skinny jeans, her voice was resounding for an hour, it was real pleasure for ears. She's just gorgeous !

The Kills are on tour for their third album Midnight Boom. I'm sure if you girls didn't already buy it or listen to it, you have probably heard a few tracks without being aware of it ! Actually, the track "Sour Cherry" was used in the Gossip Girl episode "The Blair Bitch Project". The track "U.R.A. Fever" was featured in the Gossip Girl episode "All About My Brother", and the track "Hook and Line" was used in the next episode, "Woman on the Verge."

Well, the concert was awesome, the songs were beautiful, the only bad thing was it was too short ! Jamie and Alison were fabulous on stage, it was a real pleasure to see them ! I also bought 2 tshirts and a bag in the effigy of The Kills, I'll present them on a next post !
Another girl from Nancy who has a blog mode was at this concert, so feel free to check her blog to see more pics ! > Annabelle's blog

" I want you to be crazy 'cause you're borin' baby when you're straight "

21 commentaires:

lkjlkjlkjlkj a dit…

Heeey! Cool tes photos! Et la vidéo...wooow trop bien!! C'est marrant je ne connaissais pas le remix de sebastian! Moi j'ai connu grâce à gossip girl! C'est exactement ce que tu as écrit : grâce à sour cherry qui boucle l'épisode!
Oh j'aurais dù acheter le sac en tissus moi aussi!
Au fait je me permet juste une petite correction : leur dernier album s'appelle Midnight Boom.
Bon we!

lkjlkjlkjlkj a dit…

Au fait je t'ai mis dans mes favoris!++

Anonyme a dit…

Il devait être vraiment sympa ce concert!

Unknown a dit…

Waow! Merci beaucoup d'avoir partager ça avec nous ! Et moi aussi je t'ai mise dans mes favoris pour etre sur de jamais perdre ce blog mine d'or ^^
Bonne journée.

lkjlkjlkjlkj a dit…

Wah merci pour ce petit coup de pub!!^^

LAFriendly a dit…

J'adore la photo ou Alysson me regarde ... C'est la chemise à carreaux ca, cela l'intrigue hihih ^^
très bon article encore encore, encore ^^
vivement les prochains concerts !!

ps : <3

Anonyme a dit…

ahhh!clapclapclap pour ces belles photos, c'était vraiment trop bien ce concert!

Anonyme a dit…

Salut j'étais à ce concert au 1er rang, au milieu. j'ai adoré c'était une tuerie mais c dommage que le micro nétait pas assez fort.
Tu connaitrais pas la setlist complète dans l'ordre par hasard stp ?

MarionRocks a dit…

@ Anonyme : c'est vrai je trouvais qu'on n'entendait pas assez la voix du mec, mais bon c'est clair que c'était génial !
Sinon je ne connais pas la setlist désolée, mais si tu n'as pas l'album (Midnight Boom) achète le (ou télécharge le) c'est tout ce que je peux te dire ^^

@ Rasmy : merci beaucoup !

Mimi a dit…

Aww I adore the golden shoes.

choppyshades a dit…

ahh. this is awesome!! love her outfit on the stage.

-choppy shades

It's Aggy bitch! a dit…

i like her style, definlty after thise pics!
i've never heard of the band before, but they are good : )

yeah when it comes to the 80's i think agyness deyn has alot to do when it comes to the fassion! : )
she rocks!

Carlota My Trends a dit…

Merci pour le compte rendu ça avait l'air vraiment génial, de vrais rockers! C'est vrai que Gossip Girl a usé de leurs chansons et tant mieux si ça leur apporte du succès et un public plus nombreux, ils le méritent!

Delmy a dit…

looks fun! I guess trashy is good, because she looks good

mademoiselleb a dit…

Génial ce groupe, l'un de mes préférés !

..... a dit…

oh génial !! trop la classe !!

mademoiselleb a dit…

De rien pour les commentaires, ton blog est vraiment top, je reviendrai !

Anabel a dit…

thank you so much pretty!!

i didn't know this groups, but I think i like it!!!


Vintage Lollipops a dit…

They have superbe style.... I mean look at her!

Meaghan a dit…

i LOVE the kills, alison is gorgeous and always looks fantastic. I wish i could pull off what she wears.

Léandre a dit…

Pfff et dire que j'étais sur la route et que j'ai même pas pu voir ça... dégouté ^^

Marion Rocks